Dust Hose Size and Connector to Vac?

Does anyone have information about size and connector for the shop vac end of the dust host that can comes with the X-Carve Pro? I found this video, but it doesn’t show end connection.

I want to connect the dust hose to a Festool CT 26 and want to buy the proper adaptors before it arrives.

I just ordered https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-Cleaner-Universal-Converter-Reducer/dp/B08SWC1YLQ/ref=sr_1_30?dchild=1&keywords=shop+vac+hose+adapter&qid=1621977505&sr=8-30

It should be here in about 2 days, i’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks, I look forward to your update. So if I read this right, the hose for the XCarve Pro is 35mm at the dust collection end?

I apparently forgot the size, went out and remeasured the hose.

Looks like it’s about 2" OD.

I cancelled my order… Guess i’ll use duct tape until i find a more elegant solution.

Discussion here awhile ago. Good info here:

I think that’s a different discussion Mike. The X-Carve Pro ships with a hose that already has an attachment end for the dust shoe. I want to know what the other end is like so I can get a connector for my dust collector. Thanks anyway!

Yeah, the issue here is that the intentables hose has 2 male ends…

1 into the boot, and 1 presumably for the shop vac. However, my shop vac has a connector piece, so i’d need a male-to-male connector of sorts.

it seems pretty simple, and i’m sure i’ll see something next time i’m at lowes.

Just got off the phone with Inventables Support. For the record, the hose comes with a 2.5 inch connector that works with most standard shop vacs in the US. Now I just have to find an adaptor for the Festool Vac…

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I ordered and payed for my XCARVE PRO on Nov. 5th 2020 and still have not received it yet! If you go to ShopFox or look at attachments for your dust collector or your vacuum system they sell a lot of different attachments that might work! Or even Home Depot or Lowes building supplies you might find som fittings that will convert, also try RV fittings is a possibility! Good luck, happy carving. I am patiently waiting on mine!

I ordered mine Nov. 2nd and received mine last Monday!! Hang in there!!

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I purchased a range of DeWalt connectors and Nilfisk Vac connectors and can now interface all my tools with the DeWalt connector (even running after the cyclone)

William, Did you get your xcarve pro yet? I ordered mine on the 5th and still haven’t gotten an update about delivery.

Jim, good to hear you got your dust connections working w dewalt. I’ll keep this tread posted on my festool connections when pro arrives.

I have not received my XCARVE PRO nor have I heard from Inventables! I am getting very discouraged about the wait! I run a custom Craftsmanship Business and I have very large products to build for customers and have lost several jobs due to not being able to provide for them! My local competitors got the jobs that I lost! I just don’t feel very important to Inventables at this time! I do own a regular XCARVE in the smaller size but it will not cut the sizes that I need! Good luck on getting yours soon! I paid cash for both and I am a commercial customer! My hopes are high for a delivery this week.

This soft, pvc plastic, hose screw-cuff can be attached onto raw vacuum hose, or it can be used as a make-shift hose size adapter.

Thanks a lot!