Dust shield for Y axis

It looks like I will be needing to add a shield to keep sawdust out of the vwheels and pulley on the Y axis when I mount the Dewalt 611 (i.e. the “sawdust generator”)

I would be very interested to see what designs for MS shields already exist before I start trying to do something from scratch.

I just cut some cardboard to size and used painter’s tape to hold it in place. Not an elegant solution by any means, but effective. I guess I can use the cardboard as a template now to make real shields out of acrylic or aluminum sheet or something.

I bought some aluminum flashing material from Home Depot and it worked really well for making dust shields. It is rigid enough to do the job, but thin enough to be easy to cut with tin snips.

I just whipped this set up. Based on a 3D-printed version, but redesigned to save printing time. The black sheets are plastic report covers. One part attaches to the Y-plates, the other to the Y-rails.


@TonyNo Hi! Do you happen to have the 3d printer files for that? Looking to make something similar so I can keep the machine cleaner :smile:

This is my design. Height will need to be reduced 3/4in on the bottom if using the inventables wasteboard. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:996526

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Thanks Tony!