Dust shoe brush

Anyone know how high the brush should be

1 to 2 inches. I have the suckit dust boot, it comes with a 1" brush, makes the suction work well but it’s hard on tolerances for clamps. A 2" would give more space, but not sure how badly the suction would be reduced…

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I don’t think the brush distance would affect it that much so long as the brushes are contacting the workpiece most of the way around.

From my experience with Suck It I haven’t had any issue with going over the traditional Inventables clamps with the 1" brush, but I did take an extra brush and cut it way down for use with very short bits.

I think the length of the bits you use and the depth of the material you tend to cut would be the biggest factor. Although I suppose this would depend on your particular dust boot.

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