Dust shoe crashing into gantry when homing

I recently purchased an assembled X-Carve from a friend (2016+ model, 1000x1000 with dust shoe). Being new to this environment I ran through the Computer Setup process which runs the homing sequence to check the limit switches. Upon doing so, the dust shoe crashed into the gantry. I immediately hit the EPO and started looking at things, to find that there doesn’t appear to be a way to prevent this from happening short of raising the dust shoe well off of the work surface. I suspect doing so is going to have an impact on dust collection performance.

Below is an image of what my machine looks like when X is up against the limit switch. Note the acrylic part of the dust shoe is contacting the end plate and there is well over an inch of travel to go before the Y limit switch makes contact.

Here’s another photo, this time with the Y axis up against the limit switch. This time the aluminum riser of the dust shoe is making contact with the end plate and there is about a half inch of travel left before the X axis limit switch can make contact.

Is this by design? Am I supposed to raise the dust shoe before homing? If so, this feels like a pretty serious design flaw. Or is this an assembly problem with something installed in the wrong place?

Not sure how they designed the dust shoe for that purpose but you could move the stops the homing switches touch so it does not hit the dust shoe. Just depends on if you need that extra couple of inches of travel or not.

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I just took off the end plate and notched it out.
Problem solved.
However it really doesn’t matter to me as I never use the stops.
I establish an X, Y ,Z zero off the work.


Hey thanks to you both!

@WayneHall - Being pretty new to this (and not having assembled the machine myself) I wasn’t aware those endstops were so easy to move! This is a super easy fix to the solution today and in retrospect I’m a little embarrassed for not noticing those stops are adjustable :sweat_smile:

@JanVanderlinden - Great idea, and I think this will be my long-term fix once I get up to speed with cutting aluminium parts.

I appreciate the quick answers from the community, I was worried that I screwed up at step 1 but having quick solutions presented to make makes the whole process a lot more friendly. Thanks again!

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Nothing to be embarrassed about.
When I started out, I didn’t even know hoe to turn on the machine.
Were all here to learn and help each other.


I usually just remove the dust shoe when homing the machine. Then after I probe and get ready to carve I reinstall it.