Dust shoe idea,take one :-)


Here is a little dust shoe made for the makita on a John Scherer mount.

This is put together more or less in a hurry,made out of a scrimp box and mdf with a kick boxing hand wrap as skirting.

The skirting will be changed with some sort of brush/bristle thingy since I did not have this for hand today :grinning:

As you can see from the video’s the stiffening for the skirting came loose one by one so I was clearly cheap on the glue on these :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here is the videos in all its glory since I did not have the patience to edit,sorry :smirk:


I love the simplicity of this your design…I bet the visibility in the housing is pretty good!! Nice work!!
A bristle draught excluder strips might work with your design…the bristles are quite stiff, so should help to clear away dust as it passes across the surface.

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Thank you Dave :grinning:

Bristle draught exluder sounds like a good idea :+1:

This is the first prototype,my next version will have a acrylic see trough top as well.

I will also see if I can find some acrylic tubing in approx the same size as the scrimp box for the main body.

It’s a pleasure!!! :smile:

Nice work. The bristles seem to work really well for many folk. Another option, if like me you cannot find bristles suitable anywhere, is to use a rubber skirt.

If every second line is only cut ½ to ¾ top the top plate, the skirt can be strong enough that it doesn’t get ‘sucked in’, yet still be flexible enough to still be pushed aside when needed. Pretty much what you’ve already done, just with some vertical cuts in the bottom skirt.

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Hi David

If I cannot find any good bristles or brush I now have one more option,thank you :+1:t2::grinning:

Good bit of gears you have back there,nice :ok_hand:t2::smile:

@DavidWestley Where did you get the rubber for the skirt? Anything the local suppliers have is either too stiff or is too flexible i.e. foam.
After a little bit of cutting over the weekend, I HAVE to get a dust shoe sorted for the Makita.

In Australia we have store called Clark Rubber, the supply pool equip, door seals etc. if you can find a similar supplier, they’ll have a huge array of rubber sheet & strip products.

There’s a sheet product that includes fiber threads throughout, vastly increasing its strength. I’ve always called this product “rubber insertion”, not sure about overseas.

@DavidWestley Thanks. Clark Rubber have recently opened a store in Hobart. I’ll have to check them out.