Dust shoe moves router

Couldn’t find anything on a forum search regarding this. When I establish my work position and then go to securely attach my dust shoe, I find that the router gets moved on the gantry from the force required to attach the shoe firmly enough that it doesn’t work loose during a carving session. Is there a better strategy to attaching the shoe to avoid this? Mine takes considerable force to secure it in place.

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I would assume that your belts need adjusting and engaging lock motors when idle.

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Perhaps. I can try that. But it takes ALOT of force to secure the shoe, i.e. to get the slots to snap over the metal retainer.


try tweaking the brackets some and some dry lube.

Even take some fine sandpaper ( just break the edges off to the shoe with some hard wax for lubrication.

Make sure your $1 setting is set to $1=255 that should help a lot if it is not.

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Thanks for the suggestions

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What is the function of the $1 setting?

That one holds the stepper motors from moving so you can make a tool change or in your case get the dust shoe on.

Great! Thanks!

Tweak the slot on the router shoe just a bit (either fine sandpaper or a small diamond flat file) and make sure that the brackets are level when installing the shoe. Ii have found that if they are not level with each other, one side or the other will bind and need more pressure to seat firmly. also, if it still moves, locking the motors will help a lot.

Thanks for all the replies. I responded earlier from my email notifications, but the responses were not delivered. I did all the things suggested and it is better. How much do you “ground” the bristles on the shoe? Is it better to have the shoe slightly above the work surface in order to reduce drag?


Dr.SteveGriffin: I usually keep just a slight gap between the bottom of the brush and the work surface. I do that so that there is good air movement for the vacuum and also to insure that if I inadvertently placed a hold down too close to the cut line, the brush doesn’t get tangled in it.

Yes, bristles are more of a dust shield. floating is better than brushing waste board.

I highly recommend this video, and anything else Seth posts!!! This video saved me untold material, heartburn and untold number of cuss words!!!

I did watch it and made the suggested changes. Thanks.

i cut those off the magnets hold it in place just fine

I use a little bungie cord to hold my dust shoe in place. I don’t worry about it being all the way into the small notches. Very little effort and no movement.

I drilled and tapped the dust shoe arm for locking knobs. That way I do not push the dust shoe into the notches. I do not trust just the magnates