Dust shoe throwing Z axis out of square

Has anyone had any issues with the dust shoe throwing the Z axis out of square? It seems that this is what is happening. I am having pocket finishing issues when the dust shoe is installed.

If your bristles are compressed, it can cause a surprising amount of force when you change directions causing it to lift up on your router. Set your bristles to where they barely touch the work surface and it will help with this.


A few mm above the surface should be ok.

Ok. This may not be the whole problem. I am running he carve witboutnhe dust shoe and I still have some ridges, not as bad, but still have them. I’ve gone through and squared the rails and leveled the wasteboard. I checked the square of the Z axis with a square. Adjusted a tad using he T nuts. What else can I do?

When you checked the Z, were you checking square in both the X & Y directions? The term you’re looking for is “tramming”. Leveling is not as important as making sure that the end mill is perpendicular to the wasteboard.
Make sure there is no play in your V-wheels. Wood type and grain direction can also cause small artifacts.

The ridges were more pronounced in the Y direction, so I only checked it that way. There was another thread I found regarding tramming. I’ll look into that thread deeper.

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