Dust/ stupid question?

Hi, as I will have an enclosed work area and need to watch noise, how feasible is it to work without a dust extraction system and just brush up the dust/bits after each job? I will be working mainly with pine.

I’m sure you would be able to manage without some kind of dust management… BUT the X-Carve really makes a big mess and it gets everywhere! Where I would be concerned is that chips and dust might impact the performance of the machine if it gets trapped in the belts and V wheels. Pine is also a sappy wood and that would just increase the possibility of a big mess. I would recommend some kind of dust collection.

You will also need to remove the dust that accumulates in the cuts you make. This is especially important if you are using downcut bit.

And as Mike said the X-Carve will really throw out a lot of dust and chips (a crazy amount if you are using a router like the Dewalt) and all that dust really likes to clog the belts and vwheels.

Thanks, I do intend having dust extraction for bigger jobs, but this is for small jobs at inconvenient times … Was interested to hear from anyone that does actually work without a dust extractor and if it is bad or acceptable just using a brush :grinning:

How bad the dust disaster is, can depend on your spindle. Both the Makita and DeWalt trim routers are air cooled. They push air from the top down onto your work surface. This will clear the dust away while cutting, and directly into every corner of your machine and its enclosure.
If the dust gets bad enough in your enclosure during a job, it could start to get sucked back and into your router.
That dirty air may not be healthy for your router.

Thanks, looks like there may be a way of using the dust being blown away for a bit of customization :slight_smile:

If I am just profiling with an 1/8" bit or less, I leave the dust collector off. BUT - I have a deflector attached to the bottom of my router so the air blows sideways and up and not down onto the work piece. If you are using a router, you can cut one out for your router in no time.

Thanks, good advice … I will probably use the Makita rt0700 would that work?

Yes. Just look at the bottom and cut something out with pockets to shoot the air out to the side. Or search the forums, I am sure there are files somewhere. But it should only take a minute to measure it up.

Thanks, sounds like a good solution, I’m sure I can work something out :grinning: