Dust system ground wire

How is everyone grounding their dust control system?

I have never done any specific grounding of my DC piping.
Mostly because of laziness, but also there has never been a documented case of a fire caused by static electricity setting off the dust in a collection system that was anything less than a major industrial operation. And even those being set off by static is questionable.
As for static causing an issue with electronics, some have had problems, but I have never experienced any issued related to it .
So, is it necessary? Jury Is still out.
Will it hurt anything to wrap a ground wire around the pickup tube and bond the end to a known ground? I don’t think so.

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Anti-static (conductive) hoses and fittings, and where fittings are not conductive, wrapping metallic tape from the outside of one end, through the entire fitting, then around the outside of the other end.

All of mine are pvc. So non conductive. Never had a problem

Pvc itself is in fact non conductive, and while that is a good thing, it is also a problem.

All materials can collect a static charge to one extent or another. Even the human body. Ever zapped yourself after walking across the carpet and touched something? Yeah, me neither. ( B.S. :wink:)
The static charge collects on the outside surface of pvc and pretty much just sits there until something comes along and makes contact then the charge where contact is made transfers to whatever touches it. Be it a wire your hand, whatever. Think of static on the pipe as though it was grease. lay your hand on the pipe. Where ever your hand touches the grease that grease can be transferred. the rest of it just sits there.

Thats kind of how static works on PVC. Static dissipating hoses are constructed of material that will allow the charge to migrate to a ground source. These I think should be connected to a grounded point to drain a collected charge off.
If no issues are presenting themselves, I would not give it too much concern,If problems are apparent, a solution is needed, but realize that some marketing companies and the media like to play on the buying public’s fears to sell product. And often it will do nothing to help. ie; grounding wire kits.

Not xcarve related but it gives an example of the hype.

Be an informed consumer.

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Hello… I read the thread and it makes sense… I did however purchase the ground wire system from Inventables. Since I have it I wouldn’t mind installing it but I can’t find instruction on where to install… Has anyone come across anything?


Look for “Install Static Dissipating Band” about 80% down the page.