Dust Vac from Menard's

Does anyone have experience with this vac from Menard’s?

There was one post on here that said it gets really hot but didn’t know if that was just a fluke. Should I just get the Harbor Freight one?

Oh, and the Menard’s one is like $88 until Aug 12th, 2017… or something like that. 11% rebate.

I have a Harbor Freight one that is similar. Last week it got very hot and popped a circuit breaker. Only time I had any problem with it. Our high temp that day here in Las Vegas was 110, probably hotter in the garage. This isn’t meant to disparage Harbor Freight. They have a lot of decent tools. ( I work there)

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I own an HF dust collector and have been running it weekly for about a year now.

The motor and impeller assembly seem good. The impeller blades are steel and seem to chew up any larger bits that occasionally get sucked into the system (It seems to have a taste for the pencils I occasionally leave on the x-carve workspace).

The frame holding everything together is flimsy, and the collection bags are a pain to change. I bought it with the intent of converting it into a two-stage collector, but the unit has served quite well in it’s factory state until I get around to that project.

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I have the Harbor Freight model also. I had a 25% off code and am very happy with it. btw. its the same type as the Menards one. I also purchased a Super Deluxe Dust Deputy to go along with it.

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I bought the Menards dust collector and a dust deputy. I use it like a shop vac. I returned the first dust collector because of how hot the motor would get. The replacement gets just as hot. I couldn’t keep my hand on it due to temperature.

I’ll buy a better quality system down the road when I can afford it. Until then I just don’t trust running it for any prolonged period of time. On occasion I’ll let the machine run out of sight for 30 minutes or less. I can hear it but just can’t see it. A lot can happen in that short period of time that I can’t risk.

Get the dust deputy regardless - best money spent. Dust collector isn’t made to collect chips - dust deputy is.

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Yeah, I’ve got the Dust Deputy… I love that thing!

I think I’ll avoid the Menard’s vac and get the Harbor Freight one.

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If you look on google you’ll find some discount code numbers for up to 25% off. I think mine with shipping ended up costing around $120.00.