Dust vs chips

For a while I was doing good and throwing a lot of good chips. However, more recently, I see I’m starting to throw more fine dust than anything. What causes the difference? Any advice on what to do to stop it?

As I understand it: either slow stuff down (RPMs or IPM) or use end mills with fewer flutes/cutting edges.

Unless you’re talking about MDF, in which case you should just expect dust pretty much all the time.

I’m using a 2 flute end mill. Perhaps I’ll just slow everything down. I’ll give it a try tonight.

If you are getting dust where you should be getting chips you should try speeding up the feedrate and slowing down the spindle speed.


It also depends on the type of cutting you are doing…on roughing passes I get good chips…when I do finishing passes since I am taking so little off I get a lot of dust.

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I did order up a new bit. I need to start writing down where I get the bits from. Don’t think I’m getting the right ones.

What kind of material?

Chip load is the thickness of your chips. If you look at the chip load chart for the bit and material you are using they publish a range of desired chip loads.

If you are using the exact same speeds and feed rate and it has changed that would be curious.

I’ve been using cedar lately.

You’re absolutely right. I thought I fixed that post.

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