Dutch people in here?

I hope its ok to ask but are there any dutch people here owning the xcarve? Nederlandse mensen dus?

Been scr3wing around for 7 months now and still cant get a single cut right or the machine tuned etc. So maybe there is someone in the Netherlands where i am that can help?

I am in the US, but if you can use google hangouts, I may be able to help you.

Willing to try anything. Not sure how hangouts works though but will look into it for sure!

you need a microphone and maybe a webcam. It’s as simple as clicking on a link.

If you go on Youtube and lookup up the MegaTopDogs channel I believe he is in Holland. He does not use an Xcarve, but he is an authority on Vectric Aspire. He might be able to help you if you reach out to him. He certainly is knowledgeable about CNC.

Thanks i will try and find him.
Before i just give up on this new hobby :pleading_face:

Not dutch but norwegian…

For help on how get past the initial building/setting things up state what you have, where you are at and what problems you are seeing :slight_smile:

Doing it step by step is easier/allow you to learn more than doing it in one big leap.

ik spreek nederlands, maar ben belg dus ik kan ook maar helpen van op afstand :wink:

Ik ben ook Nederlands, maar woon in Columbus Ohio.
Geef niet op.
Als je het eenmaal op gang hebt gebracht, zul je er veel plezier aan beleven