DW611 hiting the Z-Plate

Despite the instructions “Do not worry” the Dewalt DW611 (Australian version) does hit the Z-plate and does stop the movement before it can hit the limit switch.
Do I just trim a bit off the router casing?

Cheers -Thanks for the fast reply Angus
I’ll do the sanding. If I rotate the router I might be able to clear the z-plate, but then the spindle lock will be hard to get at (under the rail).

I’ve got mine rotated such that the on/off switch is about 45 degrees clockwise from the Z axis lead screw. It lets me use my right hand on the lock button so I don’t over-gronk the collet nut and move the spindle between bit changes.

I Gorilla glued a tongue depressor where it would normally hit. It’s short term, but it fixes it for now. Sanding it down seems to be the better choice though. Cheers.