Dw660 mount- Easel

I’m changing my spindle to a DW660 that I already have. Does anyone have a mount for it drawn up in Easel? Or have the Gcode for it? I find a lot of mounts with drawings, but since Easel is the only software I use, I don’t have a way to actually cut them.

The DW660 spindle mount offered by Inventables is less than $30. It’s an option rather thanthan machining it yourself.


I really want a two piece design, and using two of these isnt an option because of cost and the fact that the dw660 is tapered. I need the design to be as rigid as possible as I am cutting a lot of aluminum. There is one in the Shapeoko Wiki, but I cant get Easel to take to take any version of it.

There is now an SVG version which should load into Easel — please check the dimensions:


Thanks! These worked great. I did have to scale them, and shim the upper to get the alignment correct, but they work great! I plan to add some side plates between them for mounting my GoPro and air nozzle. I cut these with a 1/4" bit, so I had to cut the split in the front on the bandsaw.

Here they are cut out of 3/8" UHMW