DW660 to DW611

Hey all,

I currently have the DW660 spindle with the Inventables mount attached to my X-Carve (1000mm). In order to control the speed, I am using a Harbor Freight router speed control. I am having pretty good success with it, now that the learning curve for the CNC has been mostly overcome. My question is this: Has anyone gone from the DW660 to the DW611? How much of a difference does it make? I have read that the Harbor Freight speed control reduces torque on the DW660. I assume this is a non-issue for the DW611. And I would need a new spindle mount?

Basically, any information from people that have used both would be helpful.


As an add on, I am using that AC relay that some people use here to automatically turn on the DW660. I don’t think that works with the DW611 with soft start?

I had the 660 now 611. 660 was fast but no torque. 611 has built in speed control w/feedback. It also feels like a real CNC vs a toy. I liked the 660 it cut fast, but being able to cut with 1/4". Wow


Your HF speed control will not work with the 611 due to the soft start feature. ’
You should not have any issue with the relay though since it is basically just an on off switch controlled by the arduino.

the built in speed dial on the 611 eliminates the need for the HF speed control.


Overview / discussion of spindles on the other wiki: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Spindle_Options

The DWP611 w/ an Elaire or Precise Bits collet, or a Makita RT070x w/ an Elaire collet are the best values spindle performance-wise. The MLCS Rocky 30 may be a re-badged Makita — it would be great if someone would try it.

Beyond that, get a real spindle such as an Ugra or a Kress.

Harbor Freight router speed control doesn’t work properly with the 611. Had 2 different ones, neither worked. Apparently the Soft Start feature of the router does not allow it to be controlled externally. ??
Either way, if control over RPM is critical you may want to stick with what you have.