DWG import

quite simply, the ability to import DWGs is a must…
all too many drafting softwares use it, it’s an industry norm, the fact that it can’t be done is rather mind boggling


I know most already know but carbide create is now free and it is offline use as well as being able to import DXF and SVG files. seems to be just what was needed for some.

and yet being cloud based is one of the things i like most about Easel…
Easel also does the SVG, which i’ve been using.

I remain steadfast in my belief that DWG is a vital format for any software. Hell even Adobe Illustrator knows that!

I like Easel for use at home where I can have and use the internet and cloud as I want but at work where I teach internet has never been an option nor will it ever be an option. but I was pointing out that this program that was just released for free to the public could handle DXF files.

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Yes I think being able to import dxf would be great. svg doesn’t have units, so it is much more exact to being to use dxf.