DWG to SVG Clean up

I received a file from a friend who designed a logo in AutoCAD. I’m able to use Illustrator to open it, however when I export or save it to SVG, it loses quality and the arrangement of paths. Even when viewing in Illustrator, there are an excessive number of paths to form the logo and they aren’t even connected.

Is there a better way to accomplish this whether it’s using specific settings for export or another software than Illustrator or Inkscape?

I use coreldraw and never had that issue, but doubt it the software sounds more like the parameters he set when creating it. if you post the file i’ll be glad to take a look at it.

Do you mind if I email you it? Rather this not be public.

i’ve had the same thing when processing CAD drawings for a printed folder.

AutoCAD is NOT the software to design a logo.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with it, because the bad work from your friend will cause YOU a headache cleaning it up.

I suspect the problem lies in fills, which autocad addresses as very dense line patterns instead of just a fill color.

He should really go back to the drawing board and export only the necessary lines for you to work with.

thats my 2cents…

That’s probably the case, though he’s already had stickers made with it so he’s achieved what he wants.

I tried to find out what company they worked with to make the stickers so I could find out what file type was needed but they have no idea what company it was.

Very true, but it can easily be done with patience, the issue is a dwg exports as a single layer of lines in each individual point. Here is the workflow I sent him and wanted to post it here for others.

While it’s much easier to design it in different software if you need to convert this works, if there is an easier way feel free to chime in.