DWP 611 router runs two seconds then stops

My Dewalt 611 suddenly stopped turning in the middle of a carve. Now with it connected directly into AC, it runs for approximately two seconds then stops turning. The light remains on and there is a low hum. There is no way that I have run this unit enough to have to replace the brushes. Anyone have similar symptoms?

Did you pull out and check the brushes though? I am still on my originals for almost 2 years but others have had them go in months.

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I just pull them out and checked them. I think that they are ok.

Not sure what else there is to check. All the wiring and connectors look ok. .

It really sounds like what happens when the brushes go.

How long were the brushes when you removed them?


Yep, probably good. Must be something else…is it a power problem? How is the router plugged in…direct to wall or power strip?

I checked that, there is no change if it is plugged directly into the wall.

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Hopefully warranty will cover it and get a new one, I wouldnt trust this unit in the long run.

I found the local Dewalt factory repair shop and they will fixed it under the 1 year warrantee. They just went by the manufacture date code on the router. It will be a few weeks though so …. since I am a belt and suspenders type of guy … I also bought a new one on sale at Busy Bee. The repaired one will be a handy small router for my workshop and will also be a backup for the CNC.


Let us know what the issue is. I’ve never heard of that happening with a good set of brushes in there.

Its a problem that some of the units have with the speed controller.
I had the same issue. They exchanged the unit and the new one has been running for 1 1/2 years with no problems other than replacing brushes once in awhile.

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Oh interesting. I’ll give that feedback to Dewalt.

I just got my router back from Dewalt. I don’t know what the issue was but it must have been a very serious fault because they just gave me a new router. Pretty good of Dewalt to replace it under warrantee as I didn’t have a proper receipt, only an email. The manufacture date is shown on the black label as ‘year’- ‘week’ .