DXF File import

I’ve searched the forums and cannot find any reference to this issue.

Importing DXF files into V-carve presents problems for me. I can import the file easily using the import tool, however the scale of the vector is outrageous… I have tried several different DXF files and they all import SUPER LARGE.
Example, I downloaded the attached DXF from an Instructable and imported it into VCarve. it presented with a size of 100" x 300". I searched the Vectric forum and found little help other than checking a “set scale” box during project setup.

I can’t believe that the individual who posted the Instructable files created such a large image vector to share with the public AND this happens with any DXF that I have attempted to import.
I am wondering what I need to do to get v carve to import to the correct scale and was hoping that someone here had already solved this.

Any assistance is always appreciated.
Base.dxf (34.6 KB)

Shield.dxf (39.0 KB)

base.ai (51.2 KB)
base.pdf (58.9 KB)

Shield.pdf (66.6 KB)
Shield.ai (58.8 KB)

Thanks for the conversions…(I’m going to try those in a few minutes)
That being said, I think I answered my own question. In my digging deeper and paying more attention, I went back to the instructable and noted that the person’s post listed material dimensions in mm. so I am going to assume that the DXF file dimensions are also mm.
this would make sense in that 200mm is roughly 7 7/8 inches.

I’ll have to look to see if VCarve can convert the measurements or if this is just something I will have to keep in mind when I import/open other peoples projects…

If the DXF file was made in metric, just create a new project in V-Carve, set it as metric, and then import the vectors/DXF file. They will be imported at the proper size.

Don’t know why that didn’t occur to me before this…

While playing around, I found that (with V Carve) once you open it up in mm, you can go to “edit” dropdown, select “job size” and switch it over to inches.

I’m just not used to thinking “Metric”… I’ll just have to have a sticky note stuck to my eyeball when importing other peoples work…

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I’ve converted a DXF file of a wing rib I designed in SolidWorks to an SVG and it appears correct on the 3d view in Easel but when I run the cut, it comes out different sizes every time I experiment with the cut. Did I miss or break something?