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DXF import app 2.0 released


We are proud to announce the release of new DXF importing app. Starting now DXF files can be imported as one continuous joined shape.

To use the app please select Import from the left navbar, then use the DXF Import 2.0 app.

In the app you will have an option to select the Lines Mode and Cut Path as the options.

  • Lines Mode: When using Joined importing the shape as one single shape when possible and Separate works as the legacy app and imports the shapes individually.
  • Cut Path: Specifies where the paths will have their cut edge aligned to. This is analogous to the Cut Path setting in the Cut menu inside Easel.

Big thanks to @JelleVanRegen for the hard work on this app.
If there are any questions on functionality of the app please post the questions in this thread.



Hello, I am having issues importing files from dxf importing app. Any ideas that would cause this? All the files that I was importing a couple days ago, I’m now unable to click on.

Thanks I’m new to this.

I’ve successfully imported a DXF file, but the file is only displaying in the thumbnail on the bottom bar. How do I see a preview of the file?

Hi @ZachSmith,
Try zooming out of the 2d editor using the - button or mouse scroll wheel. Sometimes when files are imported scaling is affected and you need to zoom out to see the entire project.

having the same issue upload file but nothing is displayed

Hi @Richard11,
Could you either attach the DXF file in here, or send it to me in a private message to investigate?


When I dxf import the image it does not look like what I made in TurboCAD. And when I made a simple drawing using your menus your software could not find my machine even when I entered ‘OTHER’. I have a CNC3-3018Pro. very disappointed.

Hi @RogerGreene,
Could you attach the file here, if possible including screenshot of how the design looks like in TurboCAD please?

I am just starting this. When I upload my dxf file from fusion 360 it does not load. Can anyone help me with this?

cross 1 v1.dxf (1.9 MB)

I can not upload this file to carve. I don’t know if I am doing some thing worng. if any one can help me please

The file is not good,where did you get the file from?
Do you have a picture of it?

Hi problem uploading dxf (exported from Vectorworks).
File i uploaded before worked ok but this one doesn’t, just get a blue bar in upload window.
Any thoughts?

BRUSH SHOE 4.dxf (69.2 KB)

I can not upload my dxf file from fusion 360. It is well below 5MB but just will not upload. Reduced Everest4.0 v1.dxf (593.3 KB)

The only thing in the file is a .008" circle

Upload picture and it shows nothing and sits there. Laser Bottom housing.dxf (570.4 KB)

Hi Kacper

I am having issues importing my DXF file, it brings something in but it isn’t my design?


ChloeCottage v9.dxf (731.5 KB)

The new dxf import app is awesome! the cut path selector is perfect :smiley:

Hey all, wanted to mention a few observations. First, looks like the plugin uses whatever you have selected for units and imports the DXF with those units. When I import a project I’ve received from someone else in inches it’s so large that it’s unusable. Switching to millimeters prior to doing the import seems to solve that problem.

Second, and I don’t know if this is useful for more than what I’m working on (though I suspect it would be), having an option to use an inside toolpath on ‘contained’ shapes and an outside option on uncontained ones would, at least in this project, allow me to do a direct import without a lot of manual changes.

Thank you so much for your work! Having this importer has saved me a lot of time and learning other apps to try to get this respirator machined.

Hi i seem to be having issues trying to upload dxf files using the import tool. I watch it upload to 100% but it doesnt do anything after that…it just hangs at the loading screen.

Could not import this dxf. Anyone know why,Frame.dxf (550.9 KB)