Dxf importing issue

HI all, i am having trouble importing dxf curves into easel from rhino. when i import ovals, they will appear faceted instead of smooth. any suggestions or work-arounds?

Maybe try exploding the ovals first? In the export scheme ,when you save as a DXF, try the R12 lines and arcs setting instead of the default. IIRC that was for an older version of autocad that I used for years.

Thanks that was the problem. Also had some duplicate curves, those rascals….

On a sort of related side note, easel doesn’t actually support true arcs, so even when you do get them into easel as an arc, easel will change it back to segments (many more smaller ones) when it makes the toolpaths.

The same is also true for sending gcode generated outside of easel. It will error out when a true arc code is received (j and i codes)

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