DXF upload problem again

File won’t load.

Above file was made in DesignCad 2019 and the hatching pattern, which was made with “hatch”,
will not upload to Easel. All else does. Any info appreciated.

Maybe you need to “explode” the lines before you save it as a dxf?

Thanks for responding, I can select the hatch patterns within the diamonds but only
the “group define” button is open so I can’t explode the pattern. Also tried going back to a dcd file
befor selecting, no change. Everything else uploads to Easel.

So I had to sneak in the backdoor by printing the drawing, scanning it to get a ,jpg file,
running it through my file converter to get a ,dxf then uploading to Easel. At least it’s all there.
Anyone have other suggestions about why the hatch patterns won’t upload??