Eagle head

Hi, I am a real newbie at this but having fun. I am trying to learn fusion 360 and would like to try a 3 d project. I am still learning how to design but was hoping some one could share a file of an eagle head in a dish. i can’t quite get there yet in designing and would love to try my machine out. I have made a couple signs and the dinosaur model. all came out ok but not perfect. I didn’t expect them to. this project ( other than designing) seems pretty basic for me to set up. eagle head in dish

This eagle clipart that you are referring to is part of the clipart in the Vectric VCarve software. When you purchase this software you will get the file. I do not think anyone will give you this file as it is not there own design. Here is the one that I just carved and how I recognized the one you are showing in the photo. I’m sure that there will be a copyright issue. The VCarve software is an excellent software to do this type of carving and more and will be easier than fusion 360.

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