Eagle pcb milling

I m seriosuly disapointed, there s no easy way to go from a one sided board design to actually cutting it.
anyone has a solution?

A quick search turned up this thread. Might be a good place to start:

design a pcb in eagle —> root it from single copper sheet board on my carvey.
the design is done, nothign too fancy, with wide space between wire path
how can I actually mill it? easel?
tried so far :

  • Importing it in dxf file formal in aspire just does nt got me anywhere.
  • Producing G code in eagle, apparently onyl fusion and aspire are supported
  • Producing a B&W image, and importing it in easel, get CRAPPiest results, with the image apps doing sketchy thing ( holes are not holes, and the thresold…)

It’s a shot in the dark, but Carbide recently released free software called Copper for CNC milling PCBs. I haven’t tried it yet, but perhaps it can generate gcode after importing one of Eagle’s standard file formats?



What PCB software will it work with?

Carbide Copper will open Gerber RS247X format files and Excellon drill files. Every program outputs a slightly different version of the file so it’s conceivable that it will not work with all PCB software.

We’ve tested it with Eagle extensively and are committed to making it work with all popular PCB software.

Do a search for Flatcam, it will produce the required g-code and there is a g-code cleaner available to fix it so it works with easel.

I used a extra sacrificial layer with a pocket milled flat and attached the blank FR4 to that with double sided tape.

Here are a couple of mine.


Why? There must be a good reason for this.

You can always generate g-code from another program then load it into Easel, assuming Easel can handle the g-code.

I believe you! Just trying to understand the reason why!

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Hi, sorry to dig out this topic, but I’m encountering the same issues with finding a way to mill my really simple pcb design, made on eagle, with Easel on 3018 CNC machine…
How did you manage to open Eagle export into Easel?