Early questions with set-up

Hello, Gentlemen…

I’m in the set-up stage of my build and I’ve got some questions.

#1… when testing the x,y and z axes, they all move only in “bumps”. If I hold down on the arrow on the screen nothing happens until I release and then that axis “bumps” in the direction I indicated. Is that correct or should each axis move while the arrow is depressed?

#2… next we move on to the spindle. Set to automatic, doesn’t turn on and consequently doesn’t turn off.

#3… when I start the homing process, z axis moves up but is not stopped by the limit switch. Checked the solder, looks good to me. There wasn’t a clear diagram for the plug that I could find in the instructions, so I wired according to what I saw in the pics and videos.So I’m assuming I have some sort of problem with the header plug or the soldered connections since the limit switches go to there along with the spindle logic. what is the correct wiring for the plug and does anyone have a good way to troubleshoot this???

Thanks in advance! Keddy

don’t ask me why my post is so big!!!

Here a pic of the header plug left to right is x, y, z on red wires…

The header is not wired correctly.

If we start at the top of your picture:

The first position should be blank
The second position should be the X homing switch
The third position should be the Y homing switch
The fourth position should be the spindle control (yellow)
The fifth position should be the Z homing switch
The sixth position should be blank
The seventh position should be spindle control ground (black)
The eighth position should be blank

Number 1 is easy, don’t hold the button down. Just click them, each click will move the spindle in the appropriate direction by the amount you have selected.

thanks… wasn’t sure if that was the way the test mode was supposed to work.

Much appreciated, sir… that did the trick!