Easel able to connect but not other programs (python bCNC)

I’m having trouble connecting to my X-Carve using bCNC, or any program besides Easel. What settings should I look at to switch from Easel to another app, like bCNC or other (tried Universal G-code sender, but the Netbeans framework comes up blank…)

To be clear, I can open easel and jog the machine around. I then close Easel to free up the port, and then in bCNC it could see the arduino on COM3 and with baud rate set to 115200. I could send it $$ and get back its settings.

But, I was unable to get bCNC to actually jog the machine… Not sure where to check next to troubleshoot this.

Thanks for your help!

What is the machine “Status”? Shown in the top left.

Why bCNC? It’s got some great features and does some things that other senders can’t, but it’s a bit of a jump from Easel and the GUI is not intuitive.

Try CNCjs too.

In bCNC, under the file tab it would pop up a message that says I’m connected. But- the orange status box said “not connected” . I right clicked to clear errors, and it still said “not connected”.

I tried out Universal G-code sender also, but the netbeans frame came up blank… ( I cleared the user profile and still no luck, running Java 8)

I’ll take a look at CNCjs and see if I have any luck with that. Mostly I was just hopping between programs to see which I could get to run… without much success.

For the record, I’m importing a model from OnShape if that changes anything. I’ve had luck in the past with Cut2D from Vectric on a Tormach.

Did you actually connect? Did you choose a com port and connect? Baud rate 115200.

do you still have Easel up when trying to connect? If Easel has control of the port you’ll have issues with another program trying to connect to the same port.

When I selected baud 115200 and COM3 it would pop up and say connected, with the orange box still saying “not connected”. But when I selected other baud rates, it would throw an error saying that it could not connect. So based off of that it seemed like it was connected…

I had Easel closed when trying to use bCNC. And if it threw an error that said COM port busy, then I unplugged and plugged back in the USB.

Also, in bCNC’s little command prompt, if I sent it $$ it sent me back its settings.

Well, that means you’re connected.

You’re sure it says “not connected”?
Try sending a $H to see if it homes the machine.

I’m not sure what’s different this time around, but I’m able to connect and home it.

I took a look at CNCjs, looks easy to use as long as I already have G code. Any suggestion on a G Code generator program?