Easel acting crazy

Doesn’t matter if I try to open an existing project or start a new one. This is the screen. Existing projects don’t even show on the preview piece. Can’t find the area to work on the left side no matter where I scroll. I’ve opened and closed, logged in and out a couple times, no change.

Have you cleared your browser cache?
A good tool to clean up your computer is Ccleaner.

No, I’m at work(shhhhh, don’t tell lol) and they are supposed to automatically do it weekly, so I’ll try that out. Thanks.

Just cleared it. No change. No clue what it is going on. Opened something I was working on last night and nothing, even clicked the “simulate” and it says no objects found. Clicked on the square to add just a simple square to see what it does. The square shows up in the 3d preview, but there is no workspace to view to edit or move it around.

I’m glad that I am not the only one having exactly this problem (not that I am glad). Exactly the same unable to open any existing program or create new ones. I have e-mailed Inventables and now waiting for the reply. Any bright ideas any one? Please. Please as now getting desperate.

Hey @BrianJohnson

Looks like this is a bug, I’ve added it to our bug tracker. In the mean time I think you might be able to fix this by clicking the home button in the left panel. This should center the camera on your design/canvas.

If that doesn’t work let me know!

[if using IE] Press Start Button, type Internet Options, select it. Select the Security tab, click Trusted Sites, Press the Sites button, type *.inventables.com and disable the “Require server…” option, click Add. Click Close/OK buttons.

Refresh webpage.

It’s a stab in the dark. In fact I suspect it’s a ‘cloud’ (not sourced from Inventables) script/api that might be blocked by firewall.

The other option is download Chrome and use/try it.

:edit: Didn’t see Eric’s post. (Damn sneaky ninjas!)

Tried the home button Eric, didn’t work…BUT, just downloaded Chrome and opened Easel in chrome and it works fine. Went back and tried in Explorer and same problem. I don’t mind using Chrome, I have it on my home computer also. But this may be an issue for some people.

Thanks for the suggestions Jim and Eric.

My ‘home’ button is in the lower right of the screen along with the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons. Have tried this and it still does not work. Thought I would try it on my desktop computer instead of the laptop and is exactly the same. I have tried clearing the cache and even tried to re-install Easel and the driver. Also it says there is an update for the driver and I have tried to download, which is does successfully but I am then unable to open as it says the file does not exist and then my firewall states that it is not safe and deletes it.
Any suggestions for that one please?

Hi Brian
I have just done exactly the same and it is now working. Does this mean that Easel will only work with Chrome?
I am not a lover of Chrome and I am very reluctant to download it onto my laptop.
Any other suggestions.

I’ve always used explorer up until now. Might just be a small glitch right now. I’m sure inventables will figure it out if it is. I’ll just use chrome for now since it’s working fine.