Easel acting EXTREMELY slow

Went to cut something for the wife a bit ago. Easel is acting extremely slow. After homing I pull up machine inspector and it takes 10-15 seconds before I can type G28. I hit enter and it takes 25-30 seconds before the machine responds. Same when I type G30. Get wood clamped down, go through everything, turn on dewalt, hit carve, carved for 3 minutes, stops, raises up and returns to G28(work home). Takes a minute or more for the screen to pop up asking if everything went ok, clicked no, and took another minute before the next screen popped up.
Closed it, tried again, same thing. Never done this before. I’d think one issue for the slow machine reaction would be the stock USB(new ordered) but Easel itself is slow to respond. Looking around other websites, using Inkscape now, all that runs fine. No clue what’s going on, just checking to see if anyone else is having problems with easel.

Tried that before shutting down and starting back up. Didn’t help. I just shut down for the night after the second try.
Would a bad USB cause the carve to stop after a few minutes and return home? It was supposed to be about a 2 hour carve.

Had this happen to me last week. Very slow loading and had to start a project over 4 times in order to finish. Haven’t cut anything this week but sounds like I would run into the same situation.

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Let me know how it works when you try again John. I’m going to give it another try tonight. Have several orders so I have to figure it out quick.

Appears to have been an issue with Firefox. Got home and started on Firefox, reacting slow, homed, G28…15 seconds to respond. Closed. Started chrome, same steps…G28…INSTANT response. Did machine set up in chrome, and running like normal again. PLUS…I finally have 3D preview!!! Victory

Slow for me too in firefox.

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Had I thought to search for Firefox problems I would have fixed my own issue earlier Robert lol. Never had any problems on my own computer until yesterday. Using Firefox on the work computer it started acting up a couple weeks ago. Running good now with chrome though!!

Same with me Phil, my problems where in Chrome.
I’ll try and run something later.

Finally was able to carve a project last night and had nothing but problems. Was able to finish but had to zero depth some of the cuts in order to finish.
My project would start and then all the sudden the “How’d it turn out?” page would come and the spindle would just sit there and not do anything. I’m guessing 6 to 7 times for a 10 min cut.

I have win 10 and chrome. Yes it was extremely slow today

I carved 4 or 5 things tonight and each carved fine but I had easel lock up a few times in firefox between carves when loading the next had to reboot the browser a couple times and rehome the machine luckily wasnt between any 2 stage carves.

I don’t use Firefox anymore. Only chrome.

Got feed up with it freezing, so I downloaded the gcode and tried it that way with Easel and worked like a charm. Have to say it has to be a Pro issue.

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