Easel acting strange?

Has anyone else besides me noticed that easel is acting strange these last couple of days? When I go to choose a bit, it takes an extremely long time to accept it and when I go to do the tool path it takes much longer to choose the tool path. Also noticed another format change in easel. Strange things going on???

Easel is undergoing some updates, so there has been a couple of bugs trying to get it released to the public. But as always the Inventables staff are working hard to get everything rectified!

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I don’t know if this has anything to do with the update or something on my end. I used easel yesterday for the first time since the update. I did notice the things James mentioned but my is also pausing during cutting. It will just sit still when changing direction or depth it’s like it pauses for 5-10 seconds. It has done this 3-4 times in a 15-20 minute job yesterday and again today. Like I said it may be on my end I’m not sure.

Stuart, haven’t noticed that particular problem on my end.

How cold is your shop? My was doing strange things like this awhile back, but once the machine warmed up it was all good.

It’s never below 68-70 degrees in the shop. That cool is very rare here in Florida.