Easel, allow cutting in both directions

Hi guys.
In Easel online software, when cutting single paths, the machine only cuts in one direction, going back to safety height after each pass, only to start over from the same starting point. Is there a way to allow the cutter to cut on its way back as well? This would make simple cuts a lot quicker.
Hope you can help.

You could create a pocket that is slightly larger than your bit, might be quicker.

Not that I am aware of. You could try the raster cut option , however I don’t think that will do it either since you are just doing a line and not clearing an area.

Thanks for the answers.
Robert, I’m afraid that would only cause the bit to cut the same layer on the way back, not a deeper layer :frowning:
Blue, nothing changes in that option. But thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

You’re asking to mix climb and conventional milling methodologies and generally you want one or the other and not a mix.

Climb vs conventional, is irrelevant when you are talking about a pocket path the width of the cutter. It is only relevant when the tool is cutting on one side only. Conventional cutting, the shavings are thrown out forward of the direction of travel, while in climb cutting they are thrown behind.

In the OP’s, with the full path width the same size as the cutter, the chips will always be thrown behind (climb cutting). If you make a pocket that is even just slightly larger, so it takes two cuts at one depth to get full width, then climb vs conventional will come in on the return path. Then you would need to choose which side of the pocket you returned on.