Easel and Hardware

Took a short search about the tipic, but no results. so.

What Hardware req is there for the Easel “software”.

I am working on a project now with over a thousand “parts”, and it takes FOREVER to simulate a toolpath. Also the Preview genereting is also long.
( project is about 30*40cm)

Is there any Hardware setup that is better then another, big CPU?, big GPU? RAM or whatever.

Now i use an 5 year old laptop that i move around, but i looking at a Intel NOC or similar microPC to power the CNC.

What do i need in computerpower to have the best setup?

Easel isn’t very Hardware-hungry. My Windows XP machine handled the processing just as well as my current (brand new) tower. but it doesn’t like super complicated designs. best bet would be to streamline the project.

If you care to post a link, maybe we can help clean it up/simplify it.

Not much to simplify… will be some changes on size.

You need to publicly share the project, dont forget to click “Save” before closing => pasting URL.