Easel and Inventable End Mills

OK I confess, I don’t have an Inventables CNC machine but I do have a collection of Inventables end mills and I use Easel to some degree, but as I run my projects on a different machine, I was wondering where I would find the recommended router speeds (I have a Makita) for this bits, please?

As I’m quite new to the whole CNC thing, I’m using the ‘automatic’ settings in Easel, but this doesn’t tell me the spindle speeds - unless I’m looking in the wrong place!

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Short story, use speed setting 1 for the Makita :slight_smile:
Its minimum RPM (10k) is quite a bit lower than the Dewalt but the Dewalt is actually a little on the high side. (16k)


Haldor is correct. Also, there’s no ability to control the spindle speed in Easel.


Thank you @HaldorLonningdal and @Traxxtar.

I have quite a few 1/32", 1/16" and 1/8" Inventable end mills, so would the minimum spin rule be the same across the board, then?

So does Easel ‘assume’ a spindle speed with the default feeds taking account of that, with the ‘Manual’ option allowing users to adjust the feed rate, plunge rate and depth of cut when spindle speed is ‘known’?


Easel has no idea how fast the spindle is running. You just need to control how fast it moves. Trial and error will be your guide. Easel’s recommended settings are wacked, I never go by those and always set custom speeds.

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