Easel and Picsender

OK so this is strange but I will explain my issue with as much detail as possible but try not to write a college thesis !! Basically I will explain in a course of event

  • used easel on regular basis with almost no issues ( I have limit switches and Z probe )

  • aquired Aspire 9.0

  • aquired picsender as G-code sender

  • set up pic sender and all worked fine until …

  • forgot that I change X & Y jog rates and when i tried to jog a little above my work area machine attempted to move far left and to the rear slamming limits switches repeatedly until I could activate E-stop

  • after reactivating E-stop had multiple issues but after reviewing the fori=ums and checking my grbl settings it appeared that some were no longer the same.

  • I reset the grbl setting for my machine (1000 x 1000 ) and it seemed to recover from the mishap

  • to be safe i replaced X & Y limit switches

  • proceeded to run my first test carve with aspire and picsender ( simple text ) Carved perfectly

  • after completing the successful test carve i realized my aspire file was save to the wrong post processor ( however still carved fine )

  • so with an early morning ahead of me i shut down till the next day

  • the following day easel not working machine in alarm state and grbl settings changed again

  • updated firmware and checked settings to confirm all ok and proceeded to do a machine set up to be on safe side and machine will not move machine is once again in alarm state so I used $X to unlock and opened a file, proceeded to move forward to a simple carve to see what would happen

  • machine jogged fine so i went through the steps and everything functioned till I got to the probing step and the machine froze once i hit the begin probing button (spindle did not probe )

  • returned to check settings and they had not changed but machine in alarm state with error code 9 (M5 & M9 ?? )

  • shut down and restarted this time i simply opened up easel and proceeded to simply home the machine ( not a machine set up) after homing the machine I proceeded through the typical steps and completed a carve no issue.

  • once i was done i shut down and restarted and attempted a carve without homing the machine first and got the same result where it failed at the probing step

  • tried machine set up again and also tried machine setup after restarting easel and it wont do a machine set up.

  • I am confused and looking for advise. would picsender have changed my grbl settings or affect my use of easel ?

  • Pic sender appears to functioning properly however I have only completed 1 additional carve using it since the mishap which carved fine

  • I believe with picsender you either have to home machine to begin or use $X to unlock to jog machine - could this have someone been save in my xcontroller settings to where I would be required to do the same steps in easel ?
    I will attach a copy of the grbl spindle setting i am using
    one difference i did notice last night is $132 is different in my machine settings mine says $132 = 100
    the spindle set up shows $132=88 ??
    I appreciate any advise

Thank you

Spindle.txt (1.1 KB)

In order to make it easy for the user to switch between laser and spindle, PicSender will save two sets of grbl parameters, one for laser and one for spindle.

When PicSender starts (if you have use auto settings checked), it will load in the grlb parameters for the device you have selected. See this thread.


I have done that. Essentially my issue is now easel is not working properly. picsender is working fine so far in conjunction with my machine. My issue is with easel


If you are using a laser and switching grbl parameters, make sure that you select spindle when you leave PicSender and proceed to do spindle work, or the laser values will be left in grbl when you leave Picender.

similar problem was reported before… turned out to be a faulty connection… check the connector for the limit switch first since you banged it around a bit

i will check all those connections again. i do not use a laser. its wierd that so far i seem to only have the issue in easel and not pic sender.

Huge thank you to inventables for their support. After a few conversations it was determined I may have a firmware issue so they over nighted a new board for my x-controller. after a fresh install all seems to be working great, I really do appreciate the customer support @Zach_Kaplan

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everytime we flashed the firmware it did the same thing. would freeze at the probing stage. swapped out the board and now everthing works fine. cant say for sure what the root cause was. In any case inventables was very helpful.

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i may be misinterperting what he explained. in any case it appears my problem is resolved. appreciate the advice trying to troubleshoot.

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