Easel and Ramps/Marlin

I think some of my issues are in the router itself. Mine is an MPCNC that I built from scratch off my 3D printer. There are no factory settings for this thing so I have been just fumbling around in the dark here.

I will try your values in one last calibration attempt for now over the coming weekend.

Did anyone with a MPCNC get this to work? I have a design I made in easel I would like to try printing on my MPCNC but Iā€™m not sure what all I need to do.

Sorry, I meant to say mill. This is with a home built CNC machine using a RAMPS 1.4 controller.

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Finally have gotten back to messing around with my MPCNC and Easel. The z-axis continues to be a major problem. If anyone else has any settings that have worked for them, please share. Otherwise, I am to the point of throwing this entire MPCNC rig in the trash.

Hi Michael,

Did you ever get ontop of your Z issue?
Iā€™m running a similar setup. Mpcnc Grbl shield & easel.

Cheers Rob.