Easel and svg design properties

Hi all!

this is my first post here, although i have used easel application a lot for my projects.
You guys deserve i big thank you for your work!

I have started to create my own designs with a vector programm, but there is something i need your help.
Before all i want to mention that i use a router with 6mm diameter bit (8mm shank).
Everything i design came out very accurate, but when i need to incorporate a 6mm path, it seems that there is a bug or something.

To make it clear, here is an example. I need to create a rectangle 100x100mm with a 6X80mm straight line in the center. From what i understand i should use the outline (outside) option or the fill option. But no chance to cut the line either way. The only ways i have found to prevent this is setting the bit size from 6mm to 5.9mm, or design the box 7X80mm.

edit: my problem is when the object is imported combined. when i import the file uncombined, there is no problem, i can use the outline (inside) option and it is able to cut the line.

Do you have any idea how to correct that issue?

Thank you in advance and keep your good work!

hi again!

i finally found a way to do what i want and now it seems propriate to cut. I draw a straight line instead of a box in the center. My question now is what seems better to do based on the next screenshot.
Rectangle number 1 is just two pieces, rectangle n.2 is the same but converted to curves, n.3 are the pieces welded together, and n.4 are the rectangle trimmed by the line.

It seems that there are some differences, what do you think is more suitable? Or maybe you have other suggestions i would like to know.
Thank you