Easel and V-Carve and WinCNC for Camaster

As much as I love me X-Carve and appreciate the recent improvements in Easel, I just can’t keep up with me XC alone.

This week I am picking up a Camaster SR-44. I have no experience with any other software than Easel.

Anyone with experience with V-Carve can you give me any idea as to the best way to go from Easel to WinCNC?

Would exporting the gCode work?
Will I just have to recreate my projects?
Would Vectrics 2d software be better for a beginner?

I really have no time for a steep learning curve.

You can use Easel just export the g-code in the Machine Menu.

Why did you choose that machine?

Easel can do what you need to export your G-Code. Cut 2D cheaper and easy to operate software which you can upgrade with reasonable price…But, can’t help saying this.
Why would you decide to spend all that money for SR-44.
I purchased BIO1325 with Vacuum Table, Water cooled 3.5KW Hitachi Spindle, 53" X 98" work area. ArtCAM Pro included, AND paid $3700 plus Custom clearance/paper works. Total cost was $5600.

Here is the picture of it.

I just dont understand why those machines are so cheap you have to let me know how is works out for you

I spent over 10k on my 4x8
with no vacuum table
with no integrated steel table

What kind of controlsoftware comes with the router? And how is the overall quality?

I’m making calculations to build a cnc, but after reading this, its almost impossible to build one your self for this kind of money.

Can you post some photo’s or videos of the router?

I wonder if the control software is all in chinese I am sure it is and all proprietary to there control boards I wonder if all of that can be taken off and mach3 loaded

I hoped it would be as simple as that, but having never worked with gCode directly I wasn’t sure. If it works as easily as that it would be awesome. I really need to be able to get this thing going right away.

I’m buying the machine because I’m not producing quickly enough with the XC. A larger work envelope will make a big difference in efficiency, as several of my products require multiple bit changes, and this will lower my cost of material. The Fast Tool Change and Vacuum table will also significantly increase production time while lessening my labor with the CNC. This means I have more time to finish the products.

@AlanDavis I chose Camaster because they are very well reviewed with a fairly active forum (nothing like the forum here, which is not only the most active but the best looking forum I have ever seen). Camaster is US based which is very important to me. While I realize they get some of their components from China, the machines are designed, tested and serviced in the states. I much prefer buying from a company with a face, and with Camaster I have already had very good experience with their customer support, they are easy to contact and very helpful and pleasant. They are people who care about making a good product and ensuring their customers are happy with the product for years to come.

Many people buy these China machines, like you have, and and that’s fine. I really wish you the best with it, but for me I can’t take the risk. I like knowing that the machine I put my hard earned cash into is a proven workhorse that has served many many other people very effectively. I have to know that if I have an issue, if I need support or a replacement part, that I can call a person and get immediate service. Camaster really seems to fit that bill.

I believe customer service is nearly as valuable as the products itself. Inventables is a perfect case and point, and I’m not sure I have ever made a better decision in my life than when I bought my XC! This little machine has completely changed our business and so immensely increased our product quality and value its astounding. I really can’t say enough about how pleased I am with a piece of machinery that a year ago I spent $1500, that has now easily produced well over $150,000 worth of product. And it was only due to the company, the support they have, the forum they have established, and their determination to continue to make their services and products better by listening to their customers.

Any kind of equipment you’re buying is limited to several Chinese or Taiwan produced items included spinner, rails, stepper motors and most electronics. I don’t see any risk for that. Besides, this machine is not flying. To me, as upgrader I can change/replace any item I don’t like. So far equipment is running perfectly. I can cut .75" plywood with .75" depth, 200 ipm speed with no problem. Had some problems at the beginning with relay connectors, solved by my electrician. Company providing parts over air-cargo with no charge. I messed-up 1/2" colette and it was my mistake, bit wasn’t in enough. They sent replacement arrived 3rd day to my door.
That’s not the measure, the point is, investing money, it’s worth to buy a famous name brands or not. My wife drives ML500 I drive Toyota Corolla. She has problems with that $45.000 car, I don’t have any. My .02 c.

I choose USB connected electronics. Can’t use Mach3, or you have to add break board. Machine comes with Type 2 software, I’m getting use to it. Very easy Cad/Cam software, and also I’m capable of using my existing V-Carve pro and UGS as well. While dealing, it is option to buy Serial or USB connection.

I agree with you

I am not sure that machine will cut at full depth like that usually a 5hp spindle at a minimum is requires

also the vacuum table does it come with a vacuum pump? a 25 hp pump which is required for a table like that (12 hp min) can cost more than what you paid for that entire machine. so did it come with one?

what are the power requirements on that machine 3 phase 460 volt? or is it a single phase machine? or are you going to have to buy a phase converter which will add cost

I agree about buying off brand I did the same with my machine its not the most well known brand

Oh okay so you got a usb smooth stepper for the machine? is it a warp 9 product or a specific to that machine manufacture?

have you ran into issues with ugs I found that using ugs on large production files will have all sorts of issues and not be reliable for you like mach3 will be curious on your experience

That’s great Alan! I hope you make tons of great stuff on there.

Do try not to hijack my thread if it can :slight_smile: if you could redirect questions about your machine to your thread that would be great.

I know there are some WinCNC users on this forum, if anyone else has any experience with Easel and WinCNC I’d love to hear it.

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I didn’t realize you where the op I am sorry


if you would lilke to continue this convo

please create another thread or email me I am interested

Spindle is 3.5KW and works all day long without any heat. Yes machine is three phase 380V. My most equipment running 380 here.
I had issues with UGS 1.8 and 2.0. Now I’m using UGS 1.9 with no problem.
I’ve heard bigger issues with Mach software for this equipment, that’s why I choose USB port.
End of conversation.
I as an Pro user in this forum, I do not hijack threads Joseph. My apologies.

It’s no problem and I certainly don’t want to squash conversation I just don’t want the original purpose of the thread lost.

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question for you though why did you go with wincnc?

did it just come pre packaged with the machine?

and what kinda work do you do that you can’t keep up on the x-carve

Yeah, it comes with the computer and software combo set up and tested.

Again I know there are probably many other ways that people will swear by, but I just don’t have the time or experience to play with things. I need something that is ready to go.

We make wood toys and educational products, but like I said above I think the success of any business is half product and half service. We make a high quality product that wIll add beauty and joy to our customers lives for many years and we back that up with good communication and thoughtful design.

Our customers end up loving not only our products but us as well, and they become our best selling force. I really have learned that no advertise works so well as a happy customer.

But now I’m hijacking my own thread :slight_smile:

so I know you can export the gcode from easel but I am not sure how you would get it into v-carve

v-carve will not let you import gcode only export

the only way that you could possibly do that is to use a gcode to dxf converter software but you would still have to re do all the tool paths in v-carve

personally I think that you would be money ahead if you just re-created all your projects in a software like v-carve or even Fusion 360 I understand that it will take some time but it will work much better with your machine especially sense you what to use a post processor that will work with your machine that will be cutting the items

if you have the wrong post processor then your machine will not be happy

I think you are right in the long run about recreating the projects. I know that there are improvements I could do even in Easel that would make my tool paths more efficient, so something as powerful as V-Carve would only be even better.

But I also know it will take some time to learn the program, so if there is a quick and dirty solution for now then I can be up and running, and then I can take my time learning the software.

I’m hopeful about WinCNC being just fine with the gCode generator from Easel.

This will also be the first time I’ve used a Windows machine in like ten years. I’m not looking forward to that. :frowning:

well if you want something quick and not necessarily dirty consider hiring someone like me to re-create your designs in v-carve and provide you with finished files ready to go

Lol, that might be easier at first but I would miss out on the opportunity to learn.