Easel and vcarve

So I recently upgraded my xcarve with the new stiffeners, motors and z axis. I changed the $100, $101, $102 and $3 GRBL settings per the instructions. Everything works but my cut times in Easel are now a lot more than what VCarve says they should be. Before the upgrade my cut times in Easel were always less than what VCarve said. I have checked my bit settings for speed, stepover and depth of pass and they are right. Is this a post processor problem?

How do actual cut time compare to predictions of Easel & VCarve then?

I’ve only done a roughing carve and it was accurate. It’s a real mystery because I’m running faster. I’ve started a finishing pass that shows around 14 hours. I started it but paused it overnight. I’ll be anxious to see what happens.

What’s your plunge rate?
How about your $112 Grbl setting?

For time estimates V Carve has an adjustable factor based on individual machines.

Not sure but I need to check. I don’t think that’s my problem though because it’s a 3D offset carve and there’s no plunge except for the beginning and end.

Not sure what you mean, but if it’s a 3D carve your Z axis will be the speed limiter.
Can you share the gcode?