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I some how accidentally added a pro feature and cant carve with it. I dont see what I did, is there any way to turn that off so I dont have to rebuild my project again

Check out the list about 2/3 the way down the page listed below. If you find any items marked as “Easel Pro” and NOT regular “Easel” then those are the ones you want to change to prevent the project from being a “Pro” project.


Otherwise, you could just undo everything using the Edit menu option until the “Pro” goes away, but then you would have to redo everything else.

If it is a design object, you will need to find some other way to make it, but that normally isn’t too difficult.

You could share the project here and either myself or someone else can help you figure out what is causing the project to be a “Pro” project.

There is a feature request for have some sort of indication whether it be a list, highlight, or both.


Brandon Parker

Unless its a vbit or raster that’s pushing it to pro… just add a circle or square, set it to 0 depth, and then combine the whole thing to turn any element into a vector and easel won’t recognize it as a pro element anymore :man_shrugging:

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That does not seem to work when I just tried it. Easel is pretty good about tracking “Pro” objects and their use even through apps.


Brandon Parker

Your Right,… that combine trick used to work… but this trick works still :slight_smile: Easel Pro Work Around for Design Library and Fonts - YouTube

And, that is how we lost the ability to download Easel Pro projects… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Brandon Parker