Easel as d9wnloadable software

I have been attempting to use Easel now for about 6 months. Some days it works great, other days its abysmal. I was wondering if Inventables have considered making Easel a downloadable program that is installed on the laptop / pc instead of having to rely on Internet connection. The program in itself is good, but using it is terrible.
To date I have ruined 3 nice pieces of oak which weren’t cheap due to Internet problems. This wouldn’t have happened had the program been installed on my laptop.
I wouldn’t mind paying for a program that worked, I use Lightburn for laser engraving and subscribe to it. Well worth the money but Easel as it is, no
Come on Inventables get your finger out and make Easel a program worth investing in.

I use Easel only at the design phase and I export the G-Code to my PC. I then run the G-code from the PC that attaches to my CNC which is in the basement and does not connect to the internet.

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Yes, I have heard several others do this. They import the gcode into candle and run it from there. I will give it a try.

Easel does not require internet after the carving has commenced. The GCode file that is produced is handed off to EaselLocal which is on your machine.

Why were your pieces ruined? What happened during the carvings?


Brandon Parker

The pieces were ruined because the spindle started going with its own mind and not following what was on screen

That is “lost steps” as in a stepper motor stalled and lost track. This will happen when friction/motion/cutter forces excced the capacity of the stepper.
So you need to check and verify the mechanical integrity of your machine + cutter parameters in case these need improvement.

Easel will not abort or cause machine running off path due to lack of internet connnect.

Well, I have used it 3 or 4 times since and it has been fine so I dont think there is anything wrong with the stepper motors or the machine in itself.
If I save the code and import it into Candle it works fine so everything points to Easel!