Easel as gcode sender questions

I’ve seen a ton of people asking for access to using Easel to send their gcode. I have a couple of questions,

  1. Why is it better than UGS? I use Vcarve desktop, design my file, create toolpaths, save them with the xcarve post procesor, open up UGS, jog my machine to wherever I said Home should be, click the Reset Home button, open my file. Click send gcode, and it goes. Works every time. Why would using Easel be any faster?

  2. Educate me on gcode. Why would Easel need a different post processor than I use already for the xcarve in Vcarve Desktop? I thought the machine (xcarve) needed a specific post procesor, but that the gcode sender just sends the commands as they are, not caring about any specifics. Am I wrong about that?

I learn a ton in these forums every day. Thanks in advance!