Easel + Aspire: Toolset

Hello everyone,

I have to use Easel because the XCarve I have access to can only be controlled with it; however, I’m more comfortable using Aspire for everything else, so I’ll simply export the GCode and have Easel read that. When doing the toolpaths in Aspire, I’d need to have the bits sold by Inventables in the tool database, with all their characteristics—is there already a tool file for Aspire provided by Inventables? If not, what’s the best resource to create the proper bits?

Thank you.

Whiteside and Tools Today (Amana) are the only two I know off hand that have their bit geometry available to transfer into Aspire could be more but these are the two I use.

Other that that you would need to use calipers and measure manually and then enter them into Aspire Tool Database