Easel - automatic spindle control won't trip relay [solved]

What’s your $30 and $31 on 1.0c? Easel machine setup sets those at $30=1 and $31=0 (at least on mine it is) so that it just issues a M3 S1 command to turn it on.

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As much as I like Inventables, they do some really stupid things in Easel.

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It’s not focusing on the Xcontroller. It’s focusing on assuming a machine is running the default settings that Easel programs instead of adapting to the configured GRBL settings.

You can configure Easel for it to use M3 S12000. But when you run machine setup and chose the preset Dewalt 611 option, it’s going to setup your GRBL to use the spindle out as a basic on/off switch and if you change your GRBL settings, it won’t change what Easel thinks your settings are. 95% of the Dewalt setups only need on/off and don’t need a scaled output value because they are only triggering a relay.

If you want to use a custom setup, Easel machine setup has that option and you can tell it your max rpm setting but it’s not the preset Dewalt option. If you’re using a SuperPID or similar, you would probably choose a different option so you can have RPM control.

Ideally, Easel would query GRBL on start-up and ask what its max/min RPM is and other potential important settings and then utilize those values instead of what Easel sets up. It’s assuming your GRBL settings for things like this are the Easel settings and not custom. That’s the part that may need adaption.

I personally think that GRBL changed and added $30 and $31 for this particular reason. Not everyone uses a spindle and it needed flexibility for doing easy on/off relays and also for laser support as well.

Also remember that with GRBL 1.0c and later, the S parameter of the M3 command can be whatever you want it to be but the value of $30 dictates the output level. Anything greater or equal to $30 is a full high value out.

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