Easel automatically keeps changing data

I have been noticing that Easel will automatically change imputed values. For example ill input and X and Y values, Easel will auto save, make depth chane, check x and y values and they have changed.

Or, if I make a height and width change of a image ( letter, shape etc) change it’s x, y position or depth of cut, look at the H and W values to dbl check the values and they have changed from what I have put in.

Another issues I’ve seen, is ill input a value, hit enter and Easel will change the value automatically.

What’s the issue, what am I doing wrong?

Just a thought but do you have the padlock locked where you are setting the x and y. If the padlock is locked it will auto change the other deminsion when you change 1 of them.

That’s what I thought it was as well and made sure to double-check it and it was unlocked

Guess you will need to wait for someone else to chime in that was my best guess.

I really appreciate the help though…

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Maybe share your project, but other than locking height/width together or pinning location for x,y changes to not actually have any effect, no I haven’t experienced this issue and couldn’t explain it.

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