Easel bug/request for feature - the case of the disappearing gcode

It appears that if you create a project by importing gcode that if you make any changes to the material dimensions the project gets saved, but the previously saved gcode disappears.

Now before you ask… Here’s why you would want to do this - documentation!
I created a gcode file in Fusion 360 and imported it into Easel for gcode sending. But I had to keep track of what size the stock should be cut to for the carve, so instead of keeping this somewhere else like a text file, I had the bright idea to change the material dimensions in the Easel project to document to me what was needed. This plan seems to backfire because making any such change seems to clear the imported gcode from the project.

if you are using easel strictly as a cnc controller would you perhaps consider using universal gcode sender?

I liked Easel better for this. It also seems that UGS has multiple versions all of which have serious flaws. Another thing I liked about Easel better than UGS was that Easel knows to turn on/off the spindle without adding it to the gcode. I do wish Inventables would make a totally standalone gcode sender, I really don’t usually see the need to upload the gcode to the cloud just to send it from a local drive to the X-Carve, but if it’s going to do that then it should actually not lose said gcode when you change the material dimensions since they’re not used anyway.

But I’m not really making changes to previously generated code. When importing gcode the material dimension settings in Easel are ignored. The only reason I was changing those settings was to document the required stock size to cut the design so that in the future all I’d have to do if I wanted another copy would be to open the Easel project, look at the material settings, cut that size piece of stock, put it in the X-Carve and go.

So the point here is that I imported the gcode and then changed the material dimension settings in Easel which resulted in basically a blank project being saved instead of one with the gcode. Either changing the material setting shouldn’t be allowed at all, or at least a warning should happen saying that this will erase the imported gcode, or changing that setting won’t clear the saved gcode. But the way it works now makes no sense.

I agree about saving them outside of Easel and in fact that I think the gcode sending feature of Easel should be broken out into just a locally running utility, but if uploading the gcode to the cloud is to make any sense at all it should get this right.

I have an update on the bug I originally reported in this thread. You don’t actually have to modify the stock dimensions for the saved gccode to disappear. New steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Import gcode into a project, carve, and close the browser.
  2. Now there is a saved project with the gcode in it.
  3. Open that project
  4. Click on the computer icon at the top to go back to the project list, you’ll see a message that the current project (the one with the gcode) is saving.
  5. The gcode is now gone from the project.

@Zach_Kaplan, there is just no way that this makes sense.

We will investigate further.