Easel Cabinetmaker Updates - Week of 4/28/2023

Apologies for the delayed update, everyone! We have a number of exciting announcements to share.

Firstly, we have released a highly requested feature that gives you the ability to rearrange the cabinets in a project. It is easiest to rearrange cabinets from the “entire project” view in Easel Cabinetmaker. Then, you can click and hold the cabinet you want to move and drag it to the desired position (in the list of cabinets, we’re working on enabling the ability to rearrange cabinets by dragging the cabinets in the 3D preview).

Next, we want to let everyone know that we are opening up Easel Cabinetmaker for a beta release, starting tomorrow! This will allow other interested cabinetmakers and Easel users to request access to the software directly through our website. Expect a higher frequency of posts and updates in the Easel Cabinetmaker forum as new beta users get access to the application!

Now, onto our regularly scheduled updates from the past week:

Upcoming Developments

  • Users can adjust the quantity and size of drawers
  • Users can specify drawer face material type and thickness
  • Allow project-wide editing of door and drawer face reveals
  • Improvements to nesting generation and loading
  • Improvements to starting a project
  • Users can specify cabinet position/placement - walls, offsets, gaps
  • Improvements to panel labels in Easel
  • Add additional drill holes and pocket geometries for easy installation of hinges and hinge plates
  • Updates to the drawer construction method for better compatibility with supported hardware
  • Add additional drill holes and pocket geometries for drawer slide locking devices and rear hooks

In Progress

  • Cabinets can be re-ordered
  • Export a project cut list
  • Top-drawer height as a project-level setting
  • Users can specify cabinet position and set gaps between cabinets
  • Users can add a new wall to cabinet projects
  • Easel Cabinetmaker users can invite others to join the beta within the app
  • Investigation of Post Processing for alternative CNC controllers
  • Add cabinet type: Lower with Drawer Over Door(s)
  • Update default height for base cabinets to 34.5"
  • Users can enter custom material stock dimensions when nesting
  • Add additional drill holes to cabinet side panels for easy installation of drawer slides

Released/Completed this week

  • Preparations for Easel Cabinetmaker Beta
  • Add share button to 3D preview
  • Cabinets can be re-ordered
  • Cut list investigation for non-CNC applications
  • Add chat/commenting to projects for clients/sharing
  • Drawer length compatibility with TANDEM slides/runners
  • AI design tool exploration and technical prototype

Please feel free to reach out in this thread if you have questions, comments, or feedback related to this update. Have a great week and happy carving!

Is this software available yet?

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Hey there, Joshua!

Easel Cabinetmaker is currently available for initial beta release. You can review the sign-up information in this forum post.

We’re gradually adding new users for this first phase of the beta. Once users are given access to Easel Cabinetmaker, they’ll be notified with an email from our team!

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