Easel Cabinetmaker Updates - Week of 5/26/2023

Upcoming Developments

  • Updated panel naming and labeling
  • Investigation of room-layouts to generate multi-cabinet installations quickly
  • PDF project cut list for non-CNC manufacturing
  • Improvements when viewing shared cabinet projects in the Presentation View on mobile devices
  • Users can place cabinets on more than one wall
  • Users can specify positions of cabinets and gaps
  • Inset Doors and Drawers
  • Exploration of paint and finish textures for cabinets in thhe 3D render
  • Show neighboring cabinets and gaps when editing individual cabinets/gaps
  • Merge cabinet fronts material type and thickness
  • New cabinet types: wall and base corner cabinets
  • New cabinet types: sink base cabinet

In Progress

  • Users can rename cabinets
  • Bug fix for cabinets with custom materials
  • Retain project-level settings when copying cabinet projects
  • Updates to the app’s data framework
  • Improvements to dragging and dropping cabinets to rearrange
  • Updates to add additional cabinet settings as project-level settings
  • Use cabinet renderings as project thumbnails for Cabinetmaker projects
  • Simplify code for drawer and dado generation
  • Improvements to generating dado geometries in drawers

Released/Completed this week

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to reach out in this thread if you have questions, comments, or feedback related to this update. Have a great weekend!


this isn’t a cabinetmaker question, but it’s in your post and you might have the answer so I’ll ask here.

What’s with the lack of previews on the Project page and on the Workpieces lately?
Seems to have gone to poo a few months ago…

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Hey Seth! Apologies for the delayed reply. This is somewhat multi-faceted. Easel references the first workpiece in a project when creating project thumbnails.

Our engineers deployed changes within the last few weeks to correct some behavior with workpiece and project thumbnails for cabinet projects. Before these changes were released, newly nested workpieces wouldn’t generate automatically with thumbnails. New workpieces from the Cabinetmaker would also be added after the initial blank workpiece in Easel. With the first workpiece being blank and projects with un-loaded workpiece thumbnails, the project thumbnail will typically be the default Easel icon shown in the screenshot. The projects in the screenshot without thumbnails were actually older projects that had just been renamed before the recording, which is why they don’t have thumbnails.

You said your question was unrelated to cabinet projects though. Most/all of my recent projects are cabinets, and the handful of my non-cabinet projects from recent months look okay. Could you share a screenshot of any examples of this behavior that you see with your own projects? Going back into the project to remove any blank workpieces and click through any workpieces that don’t have thumbnails should resolve these workpiece and project thumbnail issues for cabinet (and even some non-cabinet) projects.

Thanks! Hope you have a great weekend!


Wanted to find out when cabinetmaker will be released?


It is released for the purpose of Beta Testing…
Here’s how to get access:

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