Easel can be a HOT MESS at times

Sooner or later I need to buy and learn V carve pro. At this point I have been able to create everything I have needed and wanted with Easel and SVG files I find on line. But how Easel interprets some of the files is nuts! Easel does a good job estimating the roughing pass time but mostly it is insane on estimating the detail pass it has been as much as 4 to 5 times longer.

Do you mean it says it’s 1hr and takes 4hrs or that it says 4hrs and only takes 1hr?

Estimates an hour and takes 4 times as long some times. This particular one was about 3 times.

I was really hoping it was the other way lol.

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How would carve be better?

From what I have read V-carve pro has better logic and doesn’t go from one side to the other of your project multiple times to carve the same area.