Easel can control my CNC for a few seconds, and then it stops responding

Just put together my CNC machine. I built my own controller running GRBL on an Arduino.

Using stepper drivers from Steppersonline.

When I connect to Easel, it works and controls it for about 10 seconds or so but then nothing. I don’t see any errors. It just stops responding to jog commands, or anything really.

If I unplug and reconnect it, it works again for another 10 seconds. Any help or ideas?

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sounds like the computer might not be outputting a full 5v onto the USB cable and the arduino needs this for it’s chip or it’ll loose connection… OR some other issue with the PC and the USB port… but if it’s an old computer or a Laptop (plug it into AC if it’s not currently as using battery mode can cause lower than 5V being output sometimes). than this is more likely to be the issue. Also the shortest possible USB cable OR an externally powered (one with its own power supply) USB hub to boost that 5V can help

I’ll start swapping the computer and USB cable and report back.

Thank you

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