Easel can't find X-Carve

So I have been carving with my new easel for the past month with no problems and then my X axis stopped working, after some trouble shooting I discovered it was one of the boards inside (Arduino or the G shield, most likely the Arduino) So I ordered and replaced both. This would seem to have fixed that part of the problem.

I have assembled everything back and now Easel can’t see my X-Carve. I have spent the last few hours looking for a solution and have found none, lots of good ideas but nothing that has fixed my issue. Please help.

Here is where I’m at now.
Easel 2.2 I assign X-Carve to right port and it wont see X-Carve.
Easel 2.3 Keeps searching for X-Carve

When it is searching for X-Carve, the green lights come on for a couple of seconds then go off for a couple of seconds the back on and so forth. It sounds like to me that Easel is seeing it but the right drivers are not installed in X-Carve. The X-Carve has drivers 1.1 according to the device manager but I have installed 1.6.8 according to the most recent download. Looking at the device driver event tab under Device Manager it says “Device install requested”, “Device service added” and stuff like that. Under the same tab in the information box it says “Device USB\VID_2A03&PID_0043\554313131383513082D1 requires further installation.” So i’m not sure what is going on.

Any Ideas are accepted please help.

This is on a windows 10 machine.