Easel Cant Generate tool paths


I need some help with generating toolpaths for my project, Im running an iMac machine on Safari the mac has the following capacity: Processor 3.2 GHz i5 and 8GB memory @ 1600 MHz DDR3, is this too small for easel?

The computer should be more than adequate. Can you share the project?
File–>Share–>Share with Link–>Save
Copy and paste the URL here.

:point_up_2: there it is, I just wanted to experiment with the super gradient generator, but I lost my day already because I couldn’t simulate

Two more questions:

  1. Is it possible to disable the snap function when using the line tool?
  2. if I simulate on this computer, will I need to simulate again if I have to transfer the file to a different computer connected to my x-carve?

You need to share the file publicly.

Took a couple minutes and it looked stuck early on, but I was able to generate toolpaths for the first workpiece.
Try restarting the computer?

Yes, unless you export the gcode.

Hi Neil
I managed to simulate! I restarted the computer and tried again but it failed until I changed the browser to chrome on the iMac, then it worked.
how do I export the gcode?

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Machine–>Advanced–>Generate Gcode

Please post the results of the spoon!

Sure I will post, do I have to generate for each page separately, or I generate all pages at once? sorry if the question is dumb>

Not a dumb question. Each workpiece will need to be generated separately, then a button will appear to download the gcode.

thank you!

When you are using the line generator if you hold the ALT key it will keep the nodes from snapping. Also works when you are editing an SVG In easel. This also applies to Inkscape as well.

FYI, try a lower step count with the gradient generator. The higher the count, the longer the gcode generation takes.

Also be sure to offset your lowest path by at least the diameter of your tool to ensure it can reach all the way down.

Good day
Like I mentioned yesterday, I managed to simulate using chrome on a Mac ( I think the problem was using Safari on to simulate) and then exported the gcode to a Windows machine that is connected to an X-Carve,
Today I ran a test carve just to see how it comes and this is what I got! To be honest,

Generally I think this is probably the best application on the X-carve it’s a true 3D app!
I will see how the real project turns out!


As I understand it it is not true 3d but can give similar results.
True 3d moves the Z axis at the same time as x and/or y.
I don’t think this gradient app does that does it?
It is still a great advancement for Easel.